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《安然看雲起︰自處悠悠 學做優質佳偶 願天意成就》
Living a Tranquil and Proactive Single Life

Amber Lo, Ph.D.





Book Content Description

Based on years of real life experiences and observations, the author begins by offering her unique perspective on how to live a fulfilling single life that is free from anxiety. She then goes on to discuss time-tested practical advice on how opposite genders can better get along with each other so as to enhance the chance of having a happy marriage in the future. As “knowledge is power,” let us better prepare ourselves before meeting THE one that we will adore.

Besides the articles in her column, Amber’s Auditorium, on the Hong Kong web site for single Christians,, this book also includes articles never before published, invaluable historic photographs, and evening gown designs hand-drawn by the author.

This book is in Chinese.

[Last Updated: January 26, 2005]