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《安然看雲起(二):登上戀愛正軌 揭開婚姻面紗》
Living a Tranquil and Proactive Single Life II

Amber Lo, Ph.D.




作者以一個現代基督徒的立場,點出一些比較能促進戀愛成功及婚後愉快的想法跟做 法,內容包括擇偶條件、婚前性行為和怎樣有個皆大歡喜的婚禮等。其中既有宏觀 式的概念,亦有微觀式的日常問題之分享。本書更載有六個真實的故事,希望能讓 未婚的我們揭開婚姻面紗的一角,了解一些婚姻生活的實質,令我們的期望越來越 準確。此外,書中還附錄了作者的遊記、照片、反映她另一面的極短篇和她的男 友對他眼中之安寶的真情剖白。


Book Content Description

Living a Tranquil and Proactive Life II succeeds the first book in the series with discussion on romance and marriage. After one has learned to be a happy and independent person (the theme of the first book), one can investigate more serious issues, such as how to choose a suitable soul mate, pre-marital sex, how to be a good husband in the future, and how to have a more successful wedding with dignity and happiness, etc. This book is full of both conceptual principles and practical advice.

Besides the articles in her column, Amber’s Auditorium, on (, this book also includes materials never before published, such as six real-world cases of married people, two new movie analyses, two articles about Amber’s trips to Illinois and Toronto, and the pictures taken during those trips. In addition, there is one article contributed by her boyfriend, which discusses how Amber is really like from a romantic point of view.

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