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《安然看雲起(二):登上戀愛正軌 揭開婚姻面紗》
Living a Tranquil and Proactive Single Life II

Amber Lo, Ph.D.


如果您已到適合認真地談戀愛的年齡,您會從本書中學到如何去思考一些較嚴肅的戀 愛課題,好預備自己能當個好配偶、能挑個合適的終身伴侶。如果您已婚,將會從 本書中得到怎樣當個好先生或好太太的提醒,亦可從其中六個真實故事中尋找參考 或共鳴。


This Chinese book is suitable for singles who would like to (1) investigate more serious dating and marriage issues and (2) read true stories of married couples so as to learn about the reality of the everyday married life. As for those who are married, you can learn better ways of getting along with your spouses so as to enhance your lives together.

[Last Updated: March 19, 2006]