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《安然看雲起(三)︰融入廣闊天地 獨享歲月如飛》
Living a Tranquil and Proactive Single Life III

Amber Lo, Ph.D.


安寶(Amber Lo)﹐盧偉玲﹐廣東三水縣人。一九七九年信主﹐於香港長大﹐先後畢業 於拔萃女書院及香港理工學院(現為香港理工大學)。美國德州農工大學(Texas A&M University)商學研究所畢業﹐資訊管理系統學博士。寓居美國﹐曾從事大學 教授及研究工作。研究範圍包括知識管理﹑知識管理系統﹑及人造智商。業餘的 興趣包括探討處世之道﹑管理策略﹑服務業市場推廣﹑消費學。閒時喜愛游泳﹑縫 紉﹑烹飪﹑閱讀﹑練習寫作等。


About the Author

Amber Lo received her Ph.D. in Business Analysis and Research (Management Information Systems) from Texas A&M University. She was Full Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems at National University, Research Scientist in College Station, TX and Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Millersville University (tenured 1998). Dr. Lo's research interests include knowledge management, knowledge management systems, and artificial intelligence. Her work has appeared in various academic journals.

Dr. Lo is also engaged in professional management and consumer marketing consulting.

Living a Tranquil and Proactive Single Life is Dr. Lo's Chinese book series on interpersonal relationships.

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