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《安然看雲起(三)︰融入廣闊天地 獨享歲月如飛》
Living a Tranquil and Proactive Single Life III

Amber Lo, Ph.D.



本書是《安然看雲起》單身人生三部曲的完結篇。作者安寶以過來人的身份討論中年 單身者所面對的生活,更分享在多方面好好管理自己生命之法,以至既可融入廣闊 的天地,亦可獨享如飛的歲月。作者以一個現代基督徒的立場,探討婚姻是否絕對 比單身更佳、單身人如何突破社會所予的負面形像、他/她要在哪幾方面為將來未 雨綢繆,以及他/她們所遇到的心情陷阱。其中更藉一真實個案,記錄一個女孩子 怎樣從艱苦的童年中培養出能擺脫「油麻菜籽」命運的能力。

此外,工作是單身人生活中很重要的一環,所以作者以問答的形式道出一些上班族要 注意的事項,例如選購上班服的原則(女生)、職場相處之道和如何應付商務餐會 等,好讓我們有工作實力之餘,能塗上一層與人相處的潤滑劑,避免一些仕途上不 必要的難題。

作者亦特別在本書中為男讀者們打氣。〈在鏡中央集〉中七篇文章精簡地從一個現代 女性的觀點告訴男孩子如何能成為情人眼中的好朋友、最佳男友及能「一生一世」 的好丈夫。


Book Content Description

Living a Tranquil and Proactive Life III is the last book in the series for living a happy single life. In this book, the author discusses issues faced by more mature singles who have never been married: is being married absolutely better than being single, how to overcome the stereotypes given to never-married singles, aging parents, how to ensure one’s safety while living and traveling alone, and how to keep oneself healthy to enjoy retirement later, etc. There are six real-world cases about more mature singles, so that readers can use this objective information to verify the relevance of the author’s subjective opinions.

In addition, since work is a major part of a single person’s life, the author also shares proper business behavior, such as principles of choosing work clothes (for women), how to attend business functions, and the importance of being a team player, etc.

As for her male readers, the book tells men how to become a better friend, boyfriend, and husband.

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