Amber's Multimedia Collection

Amber would like to share some of the works that have inspired/touched her life in some way with her fans and visitors.

New works will be added and are divided by category. Basically, the brief description and comments Amber gives will be in the language of the original work. Please feel free to give Amber your response via her main guestbook (accessible via the link below).

Pointing out the strong points of each work does not necessarily mean that Amber totally agrees on all the opinions of the corresponding author/contents.

The copyrights of all bookcovers and pictures shown under this section belong to the corresponding publishers or authors. They are displayed here for illustrative purposes only.

安寶在這裡分享她所看過而覺得有用或喜愛的中、外(英)文書籍、電影等,基本上 會按被介紹物的原來文字寫出觀後感。歡迎來賓在本站主簽名冊中作出回應,中、 文皆可,簽名冊的連繫列在下面。

安寶著重介紹每個作品的優點,這並不等於她完全認同其作者或作品內容中的一切論 點。

本站所顯示的一切封面或圖片的版權均屬相關的出版商或作者所有,顯示在本站上 祗作輔助描述之用。

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